Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Is Official...Well, Almost!

We are moving to London! We just booked tickets for our househunting trip. On April 23rd, we we will be flying across the pond to find a flat. Assuming the trip goes well, we will be making the move at the end of May. Neither one of us have ever been to London (we have both been to other countries in Europe) so this is going to be quite a trip and move. I have to admit that I have mixed emotions. It is hard to leave family, friends, and a home that you spent time making your own. Then again, we are moing to London! This is an experience of a lifetime that we cannot pass up.

This entire thing began about six months ago when Jiggy applied for an overseas rotation (2-3 years) with his company. Although living abroad is something that we have always discussed, I never thought it would actually happen. We could have gone almost anywhere in the world but chose London for several reasons. One, it is an English speaking country so we figured it would be easier on us socially and professionally. Also, London is the best place for Jiggy in terms of career development. Finally, we both love Europe and wanted to be able to travel extensively! After many debates of should we or shouldn't we are. We should and we are!


Curly said...

Congrats little sis!

Have fun flat finding

Kat said...

yeah, my first comment! Thanks Lauren.

Anonymous said...

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