Monday, September 15, 2008

Our first Visitor

Today, we welcomed our first official visitor (the rest of you missed out on that honor)! Dennis, a good friend of Jiggy's from Chicago, arrived this morning for his first trip to London! Dennis is just the first of a string of guests over the next few weeks. I would like to think that our visitors are coming to London as a testament to our charm as great friends but the reality is that they are coming for the amazing sights, the English pubs, and the European adventures Nevertheless, we are happy to pull out the extra linens, stock the fridge (however small it may be), and serve as tourguides (ones that admitedly have to still refer to travel books and manuels). If your timing is right, you may even score like Dennis and join Jiggy and I for a side trip (in this case it is a long weekend in Barcelona)!

Before Dennis even boards the plane for home, another freind of Jiggy's will be joining the crowd. Brian, who currently lives in Australia, will be overlapping with Dennis for a night (that pull out couch will come in handy after all) and then staying a few nights on his own. Just days after Brian says goodbye, Jiggy's mom arrives for a two week stay on her return journey from India! We are extremely honored some of our friends and family have already taken us up on our offer to visit and cannot wait to roll out the welcome mat (ok, at least couch or air mattress) to many more. While we cannot promise a massive guest room and luxury bathroom, we can promise free lodging in one of the world's most amazing cities with tourguides willing to do whatever it takes to show you a great time. With the price of hotels and exchange rates being what they are, who wouldn't jump on that offer? Heck, we will even throw in a spare mobile that we keep just for guests. Who's next?



Lynne said...

Know you are enjoying Dennis' visit. Enjoy Barcelona this weekend! At this rate, your passports will need extra pages before you move back to the States. I am sure you and Jiggy will enjoy having family and friends visiting. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!! Can't wait to see the Barcelona pictures ~Lynne

peter said...

Didn't that Tomatina festival just happen a couple weeks ago in (Valencia) Spain? I guess you just missed it.

Maybe we'll plan something for next year - or maybe even that running of the bulls festival ;)

Craig Beery said...

Hi Kat & Jiggy--
Just checking in. Looks like you are doing well. Brian and Jen were out to visit a few weeks ago and we all went out to dinner and had fun. I am excited about becoming a gruncle and I guess the sick part is about over so Jen is feeling good. The Schlopester looks like he is enjoying London as well. I had no idea you were a tennis pro! My rich and famous friends. All well in San Diego--just wanted to say hi.