Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankgiving in London

Shaun carving the bird

Just some of the many sides including my homemade cranberry sauce
The Bird

We are very thankful that yesterday we were able to attend a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Hosted by Tamara and Shaun at their beautiful home in Kingston, dinner was a typical Thanksgiving feast with turkey and all the trimmings. I think there was at least one full dish per person! Oh, did I mention the 7 pies (and cookies)?! Although we missed our families and friends back home, it was great to celebrate the holiday with a large group (I think there were 12 of us!). We had an incredible evening of eating, drinks, and converstaion! I even watched my first NFL game of the season via slingbox.
Tomorrow, we are off to the Canary Islands, a small group of island just 80 miles from Africa. We are looking forward to some sun and warm weather. Stay tuned for details and pics of our trip!

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