Monday, January 5, 2009

The Holiday that Never Ends has Finally Ended

The holiday season that I thought (and hoped) was never going to end has officially ended. This morning my parents packed their bags and boarded a bus that will take them to a nearby US Air Force Base. From there, they hope to catch a flight to Germany and then after a brief layover another that will deposit them in Charleston where their car is waiting for its return journey to Tennessee. Despite my Mom's accident, their visit was fantastic. I had a great time showing them the city, playing scrabble, and just hanging out. It was very difficult to see them drive away especially not knowing when I am going to see them again. Schlopy even seems a little sad as he has been moping around the flat all afternoon. He is really going to miss those long walks with Grampa!

As I was waving goodbye to my parents, Jignesh was also experiencing the reality of the end to the holiday season. With the office back in full swing, he actually had to leave for work on time to fight all those other grumpy commuters and those quiet, peaceful days in the office are now over. The departure of my parents also marks the end to the endless supply of pastries in the house. I guess all good things must come to end and this great holiday season is no exception.


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Caroline said...

Oh to have some of your mother's cookies again...7 layer bars...drooling now.