Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Good Friends and Good Crepes

Finally There!

Waiting in line for a crepe!

Jignesh, Anna, and Valentin in the Heath

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to meet up with some German friends that we originally met in Charlotte. We started the afternoon by exploring the Heath with Schlopy tagging along and then showed Anna and Valentin around the rest of our 'hood. Towards the end of the day we found ourselves at one of our favorite places in Hampstead. Tucked away on the High Street, La Creperie de Hampstead is a small crepe stand serves some of the best crepes in London. It is rare to pass the stand and not see at least 20 people in the queue. On this particular day, the weather was not even a deterrent as it was quite cold with flurries in the air! Since Jignesh and I had not eaten lunch, we both opted for savory crepes of ham, cheese, spinach, and various seasonings! Anna and Valentin decided to endulge in sweet crepes of chocolate, nuts, rum and bananas (my mouth is watering just writing about it!). Ok, so what do you do on a Sunday afternoon in London after you have stuffed yourself with crepes? Go to the pub, of course! And that is exactly what we did. The Holly Bush is a landmark on its own. One of the oldest pubs in London, the Holly Bush is known for its original features and cozy fireplace. Here, we all enjoyed a drink of our choice. It was great to see some old friends and we are looking forward to taking them up on the offer to visit them in Germany!



Anne said...

Hi Kat and Jiggy,

we did have an awesome time with you guys + dog. It was great to catch up... and we nail you down on your promise to come to Germany!


peter said...

For a moment, I thought that said, "Some good friends and good creeps" - I guess I fall into the latter :)