Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On Cars

One of the things that continues to amaze me about the UK (and Europe in general) is the small size of just about everything. In one of our bathrooms, we have sink so small that you unless you bend down and get right on top of it you will miss when spitting after brushing those pearly whites. Thankfully, I have mastered the technique and no longer have to constantly scoop toothpaste up from the bathroom floor. Brits are constantly amazed by the size of appliances in America. Standard washers and dryers (if you are even lucky enough to have both) can hold about half of what they can back home. In the States, it seems that almost every car on the road is an SUV or mini-van. Here, it is rare to see an SUV unless it is a delivery van. Pick-up trucks? I have not seen a single one since moving here. Even families of five get away without having large cars. They just pile in to a small sedan and make do. Despite some initial hassles of living among small stuff, I have adjusted easily and am actually starting to think that this side of the pond may be on to something. Who really needs a 5 bedroom house with rooms that are rarely used, closets that can hold an entire store of clothes, and a kitchen with endless cabinets. Pictured above is my next car! The Smart Car is a small egg-shaped car that only holds two people. You can park it just about anywhere and the gas mileage is ideal. I know they exist in the States but are rare. Here you seem them everywhere. I think Jignesh, Schlopy, and I would have a blast in one of these.



Curly said...

did you know all the doors on any given one of those cars are replaceable. You can have one pink door one black door, etc..

I have a similar picture of Jen in front of one of those cars when she came to Germany to visit me.

Anonymous said...

NOW I definitely have to get one. I can have 4 different color doors!


Lynne said...

Hi Guys! There are several of these cars around town, in fact, someone in our neighborhood has one because I see it coming and going all the time. Randy says the passenger compartment is supposed to be very safe (which was my first concern!)

Anonymous said...

hey but where do you put the car seat?

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about needing a carseat???!!!!