Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Renting Pains

For the last 6 months, we have been experiencing some renting pains. It all began when we (along with our next door neighbor) started to notice yellow stains developing on walls throughout the flat. When the stains climed the walls and turned various other colors, we our landlord finally decided to listen to us. He sent out numerous builders, contractors, and surveyors to determine the cause. They all came out looked at us, looked at each other, and scratched their heads. Some claimed there was leak in the tub while others swore there was a leak in the floor pipes. A few even blamed it on the flat next door. With no identifiable cause we have been visited with a constant parade of workers (mostly at ungodly hours in the morning). Jignesh was even caught in his underwear! Our bathroom floors have been ripped up and replaced. Pipes have been dug out of floor and re-fitted. Bathtubs have been cut out and then returned to where they were. Until now, we have been understanding and let this continue with no significant gripes. However, this week has pushed me to my limit. Right now I writing this while confinded to my bedroom while all the hardwood in living room is being completely ripped up and replaced. Since the room needs to be empty, all our furniture and other belongings are crammed into the very small second bedroom and conservatory. It is a struggle to just get to the garden to take poor Schlopy out. After the living room is complete, they are moving on to the conservatory! We have no TV and only have internet after 5pm. I don't even want to talk about the thick layer of dust and debris that is covering the entire place. I think Schlopy even looks a bit dirty. Even though they claim that the problem has been found, I am not convinced. Let's just say that if this happens again, we are not going to be so nice. I think it is time to move...oh wait, we are moving! Hopefully, leaks do not exist in Switzerland.


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Lynne said...

Sorry to hear of your renting troubles...surely, after all of this, they have found the leak and fixed it. When do you leave for Switzerland? Also, can you send me your address in London and, of course, your address when you get to Switzerland? Wish we could have visited in London...who knows, maybe Switzerland! Hope you guys are doing well (other than the construction mess). Leaky pipes seem to follow you guys! :-)