Monday, August 9, 2010

A Whirlwind Trip to the States and Fete De Geneve

I have been offline and out of touch due a long trip to the States. The whirlwind vacation started with a long plane ride from Europe to Denver where I got to spend the night my sister, brother- in-law, adorable niece Sam before meeting up with Jignesh (who had been in D.C. for work). The next four days were spent in the Colorado mountains hanging out with Jignesh's family at Rivendell. With seven adults and six kids (our nieces and nephews are growing up so fast!), it was quite the crew. Despite sharing two small bathrooms, it was great to all be together at the same time. We hit the outlet malls, played lots of games, and enjoyed the mountains. The next leg of trip took Jignesh and I to Boston to see my Grandparents. At 92 years old, my grandparents continue to amaze me. My Grandfather still putters around the house fixing things, tending his garden, and socializing with the neighbors. My Grandmother still makes three meals a day and gets dressed up for simple meal out. After three nights in Boston, Jignesh and I parted ways for the rest of the trip. Jignesh headed to Chicago to spend some more time with his family and to see some old friends while I made my way to my parent's house outside of Knoxville. As always, the lake was pure heaven. With my whole family there, we simply relaxed and enjoyed long hours on the water skiing, swimming, playing some Dorosz family tubeball.

Returning to Geneva last Friday was a bit of shock. I am not sure if it was the jetlag or the fact that I was back in a french speaking city but I was a bit confused and completely exhausted. I am surprised immigration control let me through as I looked like a complete zombie passing through the airport! The timing of my return, however, allowed us to experience the last few days of the Fete De Geneve. A huge 10 day annual festival, the Fete de Geneve brings out more people that I have ever seen in Geneva. The entire lakefront was lined with games, rides, and food booths. Stages throughout the city provided various concerts and other entertainement. The highlight of the Fete, however, is the amazing fireworks display on the last Saturday. Almost an hour and half in length, it was the the best display I have ever seen. The best part? We got to enjoy it with one of my long lost college friends and her husband who were visiting Geneva while on a European vacation!

AHHHH...the our trip to States over and the weekend done, it is now time to catch up on some much needed sleep and slowly return to everyday life in Switzerland.

Au Revoir.

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