Monday, March 21, 2011

Torino, Italy!

Last weekend we headed to Torino (Turin), Italy with our good friends Riefqah and Cesar (oh, Schlopy came too)! Located in northern Italy and the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics, Torino is a bustling city known for its industry (headquarters for the car companies Fiat and Alfa Romeo are here) but highlighted with a gorgeous city center. The 2.5 drive from Geneva is a beautiful one as you pass through the Alps, the Mont Blanc tunnel, and many small, rural Italian towns. The number of castles and forts perched on hilltops just off the highway is amazing!

We stayed at Townhouse 70 (, a small boutique hotel in the city center. The best part of the hotel? The delicous breakfast served around a huge communal table! Umm Umm Good!

While we originally had loose plans to see all the main sights (cathedrals, museums, etc), I have to admit that we spent most of the weekend shopping, eating, and taking loads of pictures... we had to escape the constant rain somehow! And yes, our wallets were a bit lighter at the end of the weekend as we all scored some beautiful Italian threads. Our stomachs, however, were a bit bigger after visiting several pizzerias, pastry shops and a more formal restaurant serving traditional (and very interesting) northern Italian dishes.

Before reluctantly heading back to Geneva on Sunday, we visited the Lingotto. Once the largest car factory in the world, the Lingotto impressed architect Cesar as with its interesting design and test track on the roof! Today, this building is home to a shopping mall, cinema, university, hotel, and concert hall.

The weekend was so short that we even missed one of the most important and famous streets in Torino. Ooops! I guess we will just have to go again...

Au Revoir.

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C├ęsar Besada said...

yes yes.... and Sloopy did not stop asking lots of questions about how to make pizzas, and how to get to know Italian females... What a success, all of them kept chasing you, my friend....