Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in the USA

Yes, I know that I have not updated the blog in quite some time. It is not because I have lost interest or because I have been lazy. It is because life has been a bit crazy. Actually, life has been more than a bit crazy…it has been completely hectic. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off crazy! There is so much to report that I have no idea where to begin. I guess to keep it simple (if possible), I will start with the present and work backwards (most likely over several entries).

Right now I am composing this blog not from the comforts of our Geneva flat but from the not so comfortable cramped, stuffy laundrymat at the Marriott Courtyard in Washington, DC. Yes, we are in the US. And we are not just on holiday…we are back for good! After an amazing and unforgettable 3.5 years in Europe, we have said our goodbyes and have our feet planted on home soil (Ok, the feet are far from planted but they are slowly digging). While I want to describe my thoughts and feelings about moving back, I will save that for another time as the chapters are still being written in a novel that is guaranteed to rival the length of War and Peace. Facts and logistics first…

This move has been in the works for many months. However, it has been kept a small secret as major details such as where and when changed daily if not hourly as Jignesh was exploring new career opportunities. Despite moving out of our Geneva flat over a month ago and being homeless since that time, those details were just finalized late last week. I can, with confidence (I think), finally report that we were will be returning to Southern California (Orange County) where Jignesh will re-connect with the same boss and company that he worked for while we lived in San Diego!

Yes, the last few months have been absolutely nuts and but I have to admit that we have also managed to have a bit of fun along the way. Since my last entry, we have travelled to Lyon (France) and Istanbul (Turkey) for short getaways. We also squeezed in a 10 trip to Kenya for a safari and some relaxation on the coast. Finally, we were had a wonderful time with my 93 year-old Grandparents in Boston. Of course, more details and pictures on those adventures are to come!


peter said...

welcome back strangers!

Kat said...

definitely time for a blog update!!

Alberto said...

I found your comment about living in Hampstead (London) on a different blog. I wanted to ask you about pros and cons. We may sign up for short-term housing for 5 weeks there. Wanted your suggestions. Thanks!!!!


Josue Wilson said...

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