Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goodbye Charlotte

Wow! A lot has happened over the last week. We sold our cars (Have a nice life Razzy and Little Lightening...don't forget to write), packed our stuff, spent two days watching movers take away our stuff, and attended an expat orientation in New York. After the orientation, Jiggy and I parted ways at the airport. With his passport, visa, and one-way ticket in hand, he boarded a plane for London (NOW this is real). I returned to Charlotte in the hopes of finishing a long "to do" list. With an empty house, no stuff, and practically living out of a rental car, I only last a few days in Charlotte. Yesterday Schlopy and I found ourselves driving to my parents amazing lake house in Tennessee. I wasted no time and quickly hit the lake swimming, skiing, and jet skiing. I love this feels like summer camp. I do feel slightly guilty knowing that I left a ton of loose ends in Charlotte so I am sure that I will be back before leaving for London. Oh, I still do not know when I am heading to worries, just minor details!

Jiggy is doing well in London. He is currently staying at a hotel until our air shipment arrives with the trusty air mattress. He does have the keys to our flat and went there to check on things...he is very excited about our new home and although it is small, he confirmed that we found a great place! Jiggy starts work tomorrow (Monday) and they are wasting no time putting him to work...he flys to Amsterdam (umm...that should be interesting) on Tuesday for a 2 week project! I miss him already and cannot wait to get over there to start this adventure together!


peter said...

Jiggy, it's a good thing that you always know when to "turn it on"

Lynne said...

Kat, Glad to hear you are getting some much needed R&R. I hope you know you are welcome to stay with us while you finalize details - no need to live in you car! Hope to see you soon.