Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am very happy to report that I am typing this blog from the comforts of our flat! Yes, we finally have internet in our flat. I can finally check email, surf the net, and write more blogs (lucky you) in my underwear! I tried to do that at Starbucks but it did not go over so well. Not only do we have internet, we also have cable tele and a DVR (something we did not even have in the states). Life is good. Now if we can only get some furniture so we do not have a leaning tower of clothes all over the place.



Lynne said...

Hi Kat,
I am surprised Starbucks didn't welcome you in your underwear. What a stuffy establishment! :) Sounds like you have all the modern comforts in your flat now, so that must make it feel more like home. Now you can watch the Olympics. We have a good friend who is swimming at the Olympics. Ricky Berens. Lori and Erin swam with him (he much younger) and he has always had great potential. He swam the men's 4x200 free relay prelims and had the fastest time, so he got to swim in the finals (with Michael Phelps) and they won the gold and broke the world record, going under 7 minutes. It was really exciting to watch, not to mention seeing him on the podium receiving gold!

Give Jiggy our best, and we look forward to your scantily clad blogs!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome to know someone in the Olympics...that must be amazing to see him on TV. All is well here...