Friday, October 24, 2008

Hampstead Pub Walk

Last night, Jignesh and I joined a group of Jignesh's co-workers for our first London Walk. London Walks, a popular walking tour company among tourists and locals, provides guided walks in London's most historic and scenic areas. This particular walk was a pub walk in our own neighborhood, Hampstead. Even though we live in the neighborhood, the walk introduced us to some well-hidden cobblestone streets that we had yet to explore. We also learned about many of the famous authors and artists that lived and worked in Hampstead including D.H. Lawrence and Peter O'Toole. We also visited a plot of land that was a public execution site! On this particular plot, individuals were hung in front of thousands. The victims were then left to sway in the wind for 5 days to allow royals and celebrities to view them without the crowds. I had been by this plot of land several time but never knew the signifcance of it until now. Our guide even took us to the highest point in all of London. Halfway through the walk we stopped for a drink at The Holly Bush, one of London's oldest pubs that started as a stable block in the 1640's. The walk ended at the Olde White Bear Pub, another quitessential London pub, where we finished the evening enjoying a few pints next to a great fireplace. Despite the rain and chilly weather, the walk was an informative, fun avenue for learning about London's deep history.



Lynne said...

The adventure continues! What a neat way to explore an area. It sounds like you guys are getting good exposure to the pubs! I enjoy the information and history you put into your blogs. Now, if only I could hear your British accents!!!!

peter said...

Start with a pint and end with a pint - sounds like one of my workdays ;)