Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's a Presidential Election?

As the US Presidential election nears, I have to admit that I feel completely out of the loop. I know this may sound absolutely nuts but I would like to see the constant barrage of television ads and receive those annoying automated telephone calls. I would like to hear everyone on the streets talking and/or arguing about the cadidates. Heck, I would even like it if someone to knock on my door in the middle of dinner to hand me a brochure. Yes, I have sent in my absentee ballot (weeks ago, in fact). Yes, I try to keep up on the latest election news on cnn.com. And, yes, there is quite a bit of interest among Brits in the election and most locals here do have an opinion. Unfortunately, it just does not make up for the excitement of the election and the buzz that it brings when living in the States. I have to admit that I am not usually one to follow elections and am not a big fan of politics. I hate to say it but I have even skipped the polls the last few Presidential elections. However, there is something about this election that interests me. Maybe it is the state of US economy, housing market, or Iraq war. Maybe it is the candidates. Or, maybe it is simply because I am living in a different country and long for a piece of home. Nonetheless, I will be anxiously waiting for the results regardless of how late I have to stay awake and I am excited to see what will happen in the next US Presidential term.

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peter said...

Only a couple more days till we find out who's going to be Gordon Brown's new best friend... pretty exciting!