Friday, May 15, 2009

A Jungle Birthday

Yesterday, Jignesh celebrated his 29th (yeah, that is it!) birthday! We decided to hit London's famous West End to catch a production of The Lion King. We have actuallly been talking about seeing The Lion King for years and even had tickets years while living in Chicago (In true Kat and Jignesh form, a move prevented us from using the tickets). After so much anticipation, I was afraid that we would be disappointed. Luckily, the show lived up to all the hype...and more. For those that have seen The Lion King, you know that the the animal costumes and scenery are simply breathtaking. I wanted to take the giraffes and baby elephant home with me! The actors were talented and fit their roles perfectly. Jignesh particulary fell in love with Pumba while I fancied Zazu. Finally, the plot was funny yet endearing. After the final curtain call, I just sat in my seat and asked "When are we going to see it again?" Our evening ended with some late night birthday cheesecake complete with a candle and one horribly sung version of Happy Birthday.



peter said...

Happy Birthday Pookie

Anonymous said...

You know you are getting old when you have to start lying bout your age

Curly said...

humm.. jiggy needs to come to the REAL jungle for his birthday. Forget this lame lion stuff