Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roland Garros Pictures

Jignesh and his new best friend, Rafa Nadal

Court 1 at Roland Garros

Jignesh watching some of practice courts

Andy Murray warming up with some football (soccer) action

The real Rafa Nadal practicing

Jelena Jankovic taking a break from her practice session

Lleyton Hewitt signing autographs after winning a 5 set match


Lynne said...

So, Jiggy and Rafa are best buds now? I'm impressed, you are definitely becoming members of the elite "jet setters club"!!!

Seriously, what an awesome opportunity to be able to go to the French Open...you can now mark that off your "Bucket List." You guys must be marking lots of things off your lists ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lynne, Rafa asked me to be his doubles partner, but I told him I'm too busy doing taxes! ;-)


peter said...
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peter said...

Rafa Nadal ousted from the French Open? There can be only one explanation... Jiggy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pete...they kicked him out for grabbing my arsenal!

peter said...

lol - Hey, I thought this blog was PG-13!