Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day

Dad, Happy Father's Day! As I write this, I am sure you are either enjoying a float on your boat, a long bike ride, or a scenic hike through the Smokies (in just a few weeks I will get to do all these things with you!). Hopefully, you will also be rewarded with a delicious Mom cooked meal. You certaintly deserve all of the above and more! You have taught me so many things through the years that I cannot even begin to list them all. I often see a lot of myself in you and for that I am grateful. You are are truly someone that I respect, admire, and love more than words can say. Don't worry, your present is on the way (I could not show favoritism and have your gift show up on time when Mom's Mother's Day gift was late!). We (Jignesh and I) wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Have a wonderful day.

Of course, I cannot forget to mention my Grandad. At 91 years old, he is amazing. He recently made it through cataract surgery with flying colors and is looking forward to having his other eye done so he continue to all his daily projects around the house. I hope that I am still alive at that age much less changing water heaters and cultivating a huge garden. And thanks to my sister, my Grandad is now a Great-Grandad. I love you and will see you in 8 days!

To Jignesh's Dad....Even though you are no longer with us, Jignesh and I think about you all the time. You were an extremely generous person and were always so loving and accepting of me. Of course, you helped to produce an amazing son as well for which I cannot thank you enough.

To both our Dad's....we miss and love you dearly.



Curly said...

you forget to wish dad a GREAT GRANDAD DAY!!!

Lynne said...

What wonderful words...I am sure they are priceless to your dad. Safe travels on your trip home! Coming by Charlotte?