Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Today marks one year from our move to London! Well, it is not exactly one year as Jiggy would have been here for a few weeks already this time last year and I was still a few weeks from arriving. But this does mark Jiggy's one year anniversary of his start date at work so I figured this was good compromise!

As I look back on this year, the first thing that comes to mind is how fast it has gone! Life really does fly by at the speed of a fighter plane. Another thing that comes to mind is how easily we have adjusted to life in a different country and how much we have come to love London. Of course, I have to mention all the great things that we have been able to experience. Naturally, there have been some frustrations and times when we wish were back in the States but we have not regrets about this decision.

As we leave our first year in London behind and look ahead to our second year, I am not sure what is in store for us. There may be some changes that Jignesh and I never even saw coming (stay tooned for any news!). Regardless of where these next 12 months take us, I am sure our adventure will continue and we will relish and appreciate every opportunity that comes our way.


Oh, we do have one regret from this year....not using our guest bedroom enough. For all you that have not visited, that was a HUGE hint!


Anonymous said...

my goodness its been one year!!

i am sure that you guys will adjust anywhere, but I miss you guys and would love if guys came back! A bit selfish on my part, but its the truth..... :0)


Lynne said...

You are so right about time passing by so quickly. We sure miss you guys, but really enjoy your blog and it helps keep us connected. Hope your "changes" are good ones...look forward to hearing any news. Take good care, and have safe travels.

peter said...

Hey, what "changes" are you talking about? If you guys don't tell me soon, I'm starting rumors!!