Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye London!

Today is moving day and our London lives are quickly and efficiently being packed away. In just a few hours, we will watch our surprisingly few number of boxes drive away for a final sendoff. I thought that I would be a bit more sad on this day but I am shockingly ready to leave London. In fact, I wish we were directly following the truck instead of waiting until Thursday to board the plane. I guess I cannot really say why I am ready to leave when I have absolutely loved this experience and this city. Maybe it is because we have alreay said our goodbyes. Or maybe it is because for the last 6 months this move at times as been a "go" and at other times a "no" and I just want the whole process to be over and done with it. Or maybe I am simply anxious and excited to begin writing the next chapter of our lives. Regardless of my mixed feelings, there is no doubt that this move is happening. The packed boxes, the cancelled utilities, and the booked flights confirm that there is no turning back now!

Au Revoir!

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