Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Few Updates!

Just thought I would fill everyone in on what we have been up to recently...

*We signed a lease on a flat and will officially get the keys tomorrow. We will then move in later this week! Stayed tuned for some pics and a description of our new digs.

*I found a beautiful 50m pool and have been swimming a few times a week. Although, unlike my sister in Ecuador, the charge is $6.00 per swim and it does not come with a free lunch or a takeway package of fresh fruit.

*We opened a Swiss bank account. Too bad it does not have as much money as most Swiss bank account. In fact, to date it has NO money in it.

*I have attended a running club full of English speaking expats. Although it is a bit unorganized and very laid back, it is nice to run with others.

*Jignesh has been extremely busy at work and was in Zurich at the beginning of the week for a meeting. He seems to really like his co-workers and is working on some good projects!

*Schlopy was almost abducted by the local security while I was in the grocery store for less than 5 minutes. Try explaining to some non-English speaking security guys that you have only been living here for 3 weeks and are in the process of registering the dog. It made my brain hurt!

Au Revoir!

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Curly said...

a Swiss bank account with no money.... yikes