Friday, January 1, 2010

We have Wheels!

In a rather sudden fashion and only days before leaving for our road trip through Italy, we decided to buy a car! Jignesh came home late one night and announced that we (with the help of his friend at work, Hans) were going to look at a few cars the next day. Before I knew it, we were putting a deposit on a small 2001 Daewoo (yes, a Daewoo...the same car company that went belly up in the US in less than 10 years!!!) and only days later, securing Swiss registration (quite a process in and of itself), insurance, and purchasing snow chains (required in most parts of the Alps in the winter). With only 2 doors, 94,000 km, and a couple minor scratches, it does not come close to competing with all the shiny Porsches and BMWs all too common in Geneva. It will, however, be more than sufficient (we hope) for the next year or two. While we still plan on using public transportation on a daily basis as parking in Geneva is difficult not to mention extremely expensive (please refer to previous blogs), the newest addition to our family will be used for future getaways (did I mention that Paris and Milan are each only about 3.5 hours away?), weekend ski trips to the mountains, and just plain exploring Switzerland. While I was (and maybe still am) unsure about the need for a car, I have to admit that it does feel liberating to have a car at my disposal when needed. We can now buy bigger household items (note to self: Google nearest location for Costco) without worrying about how to get them home and make larger grocery trips. And we can easily bring Schlopy along too (stay tuned for Schlopy’s first European road trip adventure)!

For those of you who know me well, I like to name our cars (past cars include Razzy, Sputnik, and Little Lightning). Usually, these names come to me quickly and easily. However, I am having a bit more trouble with this one and could use some assistance. Any suggestions would be welcome and seriously considered! If it helps, a picture will of course be posted soon as well. The winner will be awarded an honorable mention on the blog and will earn a free all expense paid trip to Geneva, Switzerland. *

On a different note, we are currently in Italy (putting the car to the test) for the holidays. So, stay tuned for all the details and pictures from our trip to Venice, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome...

Au Revoir

* Winner is responsible for airfare, taxes, and may be asked to buy us things while visiting. Award includes a warm bed and a map of Geneva, Switzerland.


Jennifer said...

check out newest video of sam on website

Lynne said...

What fun you guys will have on those short trips to all the great nearby places...look forward to seeing pictures and hearing details.