Monday, March 15, 2010

Lisbon. Take Two.

Before moving to Europe, I never thought that I would be able to visit Lisbon. Now I have been there twice! Last year, Jignesh and I escaped to Lisbon for a fun weekend getaway. This past weekend, I tagged along while Jignesh attended a work conference (How could I possibly pass up the opportunity to stay in the Four Seasons for free?). I loved Lisbon the first time and it did not disappoint the second time either. While Jignesh was stuck in meetings all day, I spent my days working out in the hotel gym that overlooked the entire city, studying my French, and getting a slight tan under the Portugal sun. Oh, and I even got a cheap haircut. Yes, I am one lucky person. I also finally met some of Jignesh's co-workers and clients (Yes, I crashed a conference dinner to two!) and now know why he is happier than ever in his job. The best part about the trip was that there was no pressure to see all the sights since we did it all the first time around. It was amazing to be able to leisurely rome the streets with no agenda. Unlike some other destinations, Lisbon will always be a clear picture in my mind. While it is great to explore new places, I have to say that I can also see why people often holiday in the same location year after year. There is definitely something to be said for truly getting to know a city and discover the hidden areas not usually seen by the everyday tourist. So, here is to Lisbon!

Au Revoir

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