Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Cheese Please!

Switzerland is not just known for skiing and chocolate. They also love their cheese and have managed to create one cheesy dinner dish! Fondue, a communal dish shared at the table in a eartenware pot over a small burner and eaten with bread, is hugely popular. There are fondue restaurants on every corner and fondue mixes crowd the store shelves. Getting together with friends for fondue is more of an event rather than just dinner. While Jignesh experienced this swiss tradition during a business dinner, I was a fondue virgin until last night. Jignesh surprised me with a date at Cafe du Soleil, a popular restaurant specializing in fondue. While I was a bit unsure about eating just bread dipped in warm cheese for dinner, I have to admit that it was delicious! Over our pot of fondue and using Jignesh's first fondue as a baseline, we experimented and discovered the keys to perfect fondue. First, the cheese has to be high quality and the right temperature. Second, the bread has be fresh and torn into the small pieces. Finally, you have to use the long, skinny fork to completely soak the cheese. If you are going to have bread and cheese for dinner, you have to go all the way! Don't even think about just lightly dipping the bread. I am afraid that we missed the best part. If you finish your entire pot, the server will scrape it and allow you to eat the thin, crackerlike layer of toasted cheese. I guess we need to bring a bigger appetite next time! While I loved fondue, I don't think that I could eat it every night. It will have to be reserved for special occasions and outings with friends. I only have one more thing to say. Where is the chocolate fondue?

Au Revior

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