Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This time last year, we were enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays with family back in the states. With no trip home this time around and few American friends in Geneva, we were going to bypass the holiday alltogether and carry on like any other, evening French class, etc. Well, on Thanksgiving morning I was feeling a bit blue and really missing being a part of all the festivities (thanks a lot Facebook!). So, at the last minute, I decided I would prepare a full (yet modified) Thanksgiving dinner. I pulled out my newly organized recipe binder and went to work on what would turn out to be a quite a feast. The menu included rosemary mashed sweet potatoes with shallots, homemade sausage and sourdough bread stuffing, citrus green beans with pine nuts, cranberry sauce, and parsley and parmesan rolls. The dessert was a purchased apple pie with vanilla ice cream (yeah, give me some credit...we would have been eating at midnight if I had a made a pie too). We even opened a nice bottle of wine that we had purchased in Lake Como, Italy. What about a turkey? While you can find turkey here, it is not common and very expensive. The one lone turkey in the two stores near our house was HUGE and way overpriced. So, I opted for a roasted chicken (it is stilfl a bird, right?). With one recruited dinner guest in the form of Jignesh's co-worker (thanks for putting your stomach at risk, Ioseb), we had a small but wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe next year I will plan ahead and even attempt to cook a real bird...or, if we are in States, I will leave that up to someone a bit more experienced.

Au Revoir

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