Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Have Lived in Geneva Too Long When

1. You think $25 for an individual pizza is reasonable.

2. You don't blink twice when you see a Ferrari or Bentley parked on the side of the road.

3. You don't expect to get anything less than a 100chf bill from the ATM.

4. You think Swiss wine is good.

5. You know the operating hours of the Jet d' Eau.

6. Skis become an extension of your feet starting December 15th BUT you only ski in absolutely perfect conditions.

7. You plan your entire week around grocery store hours (or lack of them).

8. You automatically allow yourself 30 extra minutes to find parking.

9. You buy a Swiss watch (or two).

10. You eat cheese fondue only in the winter.

11. You feel guilty for disobeying the crosswalk signal even though there is not a car in sight.

12. You are not surprised when someone tells you it took them 6 months to secure a flat.

13. You drive to France to save money on just about everything.

14. You know the location off the all speed cameras on your regular driving routes.

15. You are afraid to flush your toilet after 10pm because it might upset the old lady upstairs.

Au Revoir.

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