Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rome, Italy

Mama and Papa Osz are in town for a visit so last week we headed to Rome, Italy. Since I have been to Rome before, I was able (sort of) to serve as a tourguide for the newbies. Despite some lingering jet lag from their flight from the US just two days before, Mom and Dad wanted to hit the ground running and we wasted no time seeing the sights. With gorgeous weather on our side and comfortable walking shoes, we were able to see all the major attractions in three days. While Mom was awed by the Colosseum, Dad was impressed with Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. Of course, we also peopled watched in front of the Trevi Fountain, window shopped on Via dei Condotti, walked up the Spanish Steps, wandered through the Roman Forum, and checked out the painters in Piazza Novano. We even explored some of the more secluded areas such as Villa Borghese (Rome's answer to Central Park). Of course, you cannot visit Italy without endulging in some local food and wine. Lunch everyday was a slice of pizza and a huge scoop (or two) of gelato. Dinner was our big meal of the day and we made an effort to scope out mom and pop restaurants favored by locals. Our favorite, Dell' Omo, has been family run for 50 years and serves authentic, homemade regional dishes in a dining room that looks like a stereoptypical "grandmother's kitchen." If you are looking for a true Italian experience and are not in a hurry, this is the place! On our last day in Rome, we headed outside the city for a day trip to the ancient village of Tivoli. Since it was Mom and Dad's 39th wedding anniversary, we had to stroll through the romantic gardens and fountains of Villa d' Este and hiked through the ravine of Villa Gregoriana. Although we never found the medevil bridge that Mom wanted to see, it was the perfect escape from the crowds of Rome. What a way to end the trip! Au Revoir Au Revoir.

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Latoya said...

I'm glad to have found your blog. I'm currently on the search for inspiration and knowledge as I plan to move about abroad in the next year. I was thinking of London. I found your blog and was especially intrigued to find that you are a tennis pro. My daughter plays tennis here in Florida and aspires to be on the pro circuit.
I hope to keep up with your adventures and be in the area at some point.
Glad to have found you!