Monday, June 6, 2011

Munich, Germany

Wow. I cannot believe that it has been a month since my last post! I am not sure where the time as gone. We have had a lot going on but at the same time nothing much to report. Is that possible? At any rate, I am back!

Last week, we put the Daewood to another test as we headed to both Milan and Munich. Jiggy had a conference in Milan so I (of course, Schlopy came too) tagged along and enjoyed the ammenities (gym, spa, etc) of a nice hotel. I also bummed around Milan and hit some shops of the world's biggest fashion capital. Surprisingly, Jignesh was the only one that benefited from those days out.

After Jignesh's conference, we spent the rest of the week and part of the weekend in Munich, Germany. The drive from Milan to Munich took us through four countries (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany) and treated us to some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. We were not disappointed in our final destination either.

A city full of history and culture, Munich is also diverse, vibrant, and liveable. Since Munich has endless things to see and do, we did not have time to tackle everything. There is, however, no doubt that we caught the contangious buzz of this southern German city. Jignesh, of course, loved the beer gardens and halls and took every opportunity to visit them. While Jignesh endulged in his vice, I was more than happy to sample one of mine. Pretzels. At the beginning of the weekend, I tried to match every beer of Jignesh with a pretzel of my own. However, a girl can only eat so much bread so I quickly gave up (not before trying a delicious pretzel soup) and started to try some of the other local specialities. Aside from drinking lots of beer and eating lots of pretzels, we also checked out all the main sights and walked around the Isar River.

An extremely friendly bike city with expansive parks and gardens, one of the best things we did was join Mike's Bike Tours ( for a half day tour of the city. With Matt as our trusty and entertaining guide, the tour was suppose to be a leisurely, fun way to learn about the city, its history, and its buildings. Jignesh, however, thought we was competing in the Tour de France and after attempting a wheelie, came away with some incredible road rash. Only Jignesh!

Since we loved Munich so much, it is a good thing we left some things on the list as an excuse to return!

Au Revoir.

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