Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Year Itch

Last Sunday, May 1st, marked our 7th wedding anniversary! Despite the stigma of this particular anniversary, I have to admit that there is no itching here. In fact, it feels like just yesterday that our wedding party went missing in Tijuana and we set our hotel curtains on fire. While we normally try to take a weekend away for our anniversary, this year we decided to stay home since we had been on the go with my parents for the previous three weeks. Instead, we bummed around Geneva all day with a pub stop followed by lunch at an outdoor Italian restaurant. With absolutely incredible weather, it was a perfectly relaxing day. Typically, we do not make a big deal of anniversary gifts but we both wanted to exchange them this year. However, when the day came around, neither one of us had found the time to hit the stores. For some reason, I was a bit upset. I did not care about not receiving a present but was mad at myself for not making the effort to make the day truly special. So, Jignesh came up with the idea to turn the entire month of May into annivesary month. we have decided to surprise each other with small gifts or gestures for the next few weeks. Week one brought an hour long home massage for me and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups purchased at the American Market and snuck into his computer bag for Jignesh! Let the fun continue!

Au Revoir.

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