Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jiggy

Yesterday, Jiggy celebrated his 34th birthday! Yesterday was not only Jiggy's birthday but the 2 week mark for our big move (Well, Jiggy is leaving on the 28th but I am probably going to be in states a little longer to spend time with my parents and grandparents). Depsite everything that we need to do before our move, we escaped to Chateau Elan, a resort and winery outside of Atlanta. Jiggy is here for a work conference so I decided to tag along and be lazy. After carpooling with some of Jiggy's co-workers, we arrived yesterday afternoon. Jiggy rushed off to a meeting while I hit the gym. I was excited about the advertised "resistance pool" but soon discovered that I could outswim the resistance when I kept ramming my head into the front of the pool. Last night we attended a reception and then went to dinner at an Irish pub. I am heading out for a run shortly and then we have a reception and dinner tonight. I do feel a little guilty being here due to the very long list of things that we need to do before moving to London. It is crazy to think that we only have 14 days (and counting) to move our lives half way across the world. YIKES. Let the craziness begin.

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Peter said...

Bloody Hell, Happy Birthday Jig!