Friday, May 2, 2008

Househunting Trip

Our househunting trip was a success! I have to admit that after the first day of househunting we were very discouraged and having some serious doubts about this move. Everything we looked at was small, outdated, and extremely expensive. Things started looking up on the second day when our property manager took us to Hampstead where we found a great flat. Don't get me wrong, our flat is still very small (less than 900 sq ft.) and expensive, but it has some great qualities. It is a newly refurbished 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom (barely) with a beautiful conservatory (sunroom) and private garden. We even have a water feature! The commute for Jiggy is a short 30 minutes on the Northern line of the tube. We are right across the street from the Heath, a large wooded area with walking trails, open green space, lakes, etc. Now that we have place to live, we expect all of you to start planning your trips to come and not disappoint us.

Since we were busy househunting and taking care of other essentails items, I am disappointed to say that we really did not have any time to see any of the famous London sights (but we will have plenty of time for that later). I did manage a few long runs in Hyde Park (which was right across from our hotel) and we were able to enjoy some great evenings out. London is beautiful city with immense history. I know that our lives there will be very differnent but we are excited to experience it all.

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Curly said...

Where the flat pics???