Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little fun in London

The girls

Did I grow extra arms?

A group shot

A little table dancing

Even though Jiggy is a regular at the pubs around London, it is not often that we go to dance clubs/bars. This past weekend, we met up with some friends in one of London's busiest areas for some good food, a few drinks, and a little dancing! Leicester Square is a massive area with endless streets of clubs, bars, restaurants, and theaters. On any Friday or Saturday night, it is almost impossible to navigate your way through the thousands of people that are out enjoying London's nightlife. I have to admit that the night started a little rocky when I was late to meet Jiggy because of one very slow train. After finally finding Jiggy and starting our trek to the restaurant, my shoe strap broke! I had to stomp (the only way to walk without killing myself) for 3o minutes through the crowded streets of Leicester Square. Jiggy also came to the rescue with some intermittent piggy back rides. To most people, I would have looked like a complete fool. However, just about anything goes in London and I don't think anyone even gave me a second look! When we finally reached the Korean BBQ restaurant, I was definitely ready for a few drinks! We dined on some interesting food and enjoyed the company of our friends. After dinner, we meandered to a nearby bar/danceclub where we finished the night off!

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