Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Move Again...Again!

Well, our European adventure is about get a whole lot more adventurous! At the end of September, we will be packing up our stuff and uprooting our lives for the second time in just 15 months. Instead of moving back to the States, we will be heading a bit further west to a region known for chocolate, skiing, and watches... Geneva, Switzerland. Orginating from a random conversation between Jignesh and his boss, this is definitely one move that neither one of us saw coming! While Geneva has been in the works quite some time now, it has been somewhat of a highly regarded secret (even from me at one point!). Our weekend getaway to Geneva was more than just a was an informal site visit. Now, after some back and forths, the move is official. I am excited and relieved to finally share the news.

I know that many people (Mom and Dad?) think that we are complete nuts who just cannot seem to settle. I cannot say that I disagree. Then again, if an opportunity presents itself at the right time, you simply cannot pass it up. We were originally planning on spending at least 2 years in London. Yes, this will probably extend that time by a year or two but we are simply not ready to return to the States quite yet. So, why not experience a true expat life in a city with a completely different language and culture!

I am not naive in thinking that this will be an easy move. I am sure it will be almost impossible for me to find a job and the language barrier will be frustrating at times to say the least. It will also be hard to say goodbye to London, a city that we have gotten to know and love. Regardless of the challenges, I am ready to embrace the city and all the new experiences complete with both cries and laughter.

So, here is to the next chapter in our lives. Stay tooned as I am sure the blog will be full of constant updates over the next few months!

Oh, keep our address in never know where and when we will end up next!


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Lynne said...

Gee, I go away for a couple of weeks and miss the big announcement!!! Congrats on your upcoming move... Jiggy must be making a great impression and presenting himself well in order to score a move to Switzerland. Hope all goes well with the move, and will look forward to your upcoming posts.