Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where is Home?

My niece (Jubilee) and nephews (Spencer and Sammy) from Jignesh's side of the family

I was lucky that Jignesh's sister and Mom were able to stop for a night in Tennesse

Captain Dorosz and his boat

Sam with great Grandmom

My 3 month old niece, Samantha

I am back in London after a wonderful and relaxing 10 day trip to the States which was mainly spent with family. My luggage (which is getting rather worn from all this traveling) returned with some new clothes and mixed emotions. After living and working in London for a little over a year, I think it is safe to say that I am well intigrated into the British culture. In fact, I can further say that I LOVE living here and I actually prefer many aspects of European life over American life. However, my trip back home has also taught me that I will as much I sometimes want to deny it, I will always be an American at heart. Although I cannot name the newest American TV shows, my accent will never go away and I will probably never think that getting a pedicar at a place like Wal-Mart is strange. Dealing with traffic on the right side of the road will always be more natural and sleeping with air conditioning during the summer months will always be more comfortable. While on the plane back to the UK, I was thinking about my trip and comparing all the differences between the UK and the US in my head. I was trying to decide where "home" really is. Well, that question was answered when I walked into my flat after a long trip immediately followed by an even longer day at work. When I saw Jignesh I knew I was "home." Of course, I miss my family immensly and had tears in my eyes when I said goodbye to my parents in Knoxville. In a perfect world, Jignesh and I would be living within a few hours drive to all of members of our families. Unfortunately, that is just not possible. So for now, home is where the most important person in my life is. That is with Jignesh in London.


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