Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fany Dress

Last night, we attended a farewell party for our friends Steve and Teresa who are returning home to Australia after a two year stay in London. In true British fun, the party was "fancy dress" famous characters. Similar to Halloween, fancy dress is an excuse to become someone else by dressing up in some ridiculous outfit. Here, it is done all year long and it is not unusual to see Batman while traveling on the underground on a random Friday night. As with almost everything that we do, we waited until the last minute to secure outfits. While I kept it simple as Wilma Flintstone, Jignesh went over the top as Elvis. He completely transformed himself with a jumpsuit, wig, sunglasses, jewelry, and guitar! By the end of the night, he even had some of the moves down. Check out some of the photos for a good laugh!

Au Revoir!

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