Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday afternoon while at work, I received an unexpected email from Jignesh stating, "Meet me at Victoria...6pm sharp!" Since I was having a bit of a rough week, I was looking forward to spending what I assumed would be an evening with my husband. Well, I not only got to spend the evening with my husband but also with Glinda, Elphaba, and all the other characters from the hit production Wicked! Jignesh had escaped work during his lunch break and secured tickets that day! We have been talking about seeing this production since first arriving in London. But, with many things, life just got in the way. Well, the wait was more than worth it. The show was simply amazing. Every time I go to the theatre I am amazed at all the talent on stage. I am not just talking about the actors but also about the writers, directors, musicians, costume designers, etc. There really is nothing better than spending an evening at the theatre....especially when it is a radom Wednesday night.

Au Revoir!

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