Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day! While I am no jokester, I do love April Fools Day! I love this day because, for me, it is the first real sign of Spring. Over the past few weeks, Geneva has seen both sunny and rainy days. We can finally go outside without the bundling up in multiple layers complete with hat and gloves. In fact, I have been able to run by the lake in shorts! Although I will miss being able to hit the slopes, I am looking forward to breaking out my bike and exploring the Swiss countrysides, discovering nearby hikes, and having lunch at an outside Old Town cafe. The best part, however, about April first is that it maks 5 days until our first Geneva visitors arrive and test the newly purchased guest bed! Starting Tuesday, my parents will be here for a little over two weeks. While they are here, we are going to take a road trip to Italy (Florence and Cinque Terre) and spend a long weekend in the mountains. If time permits, we might even hit Marsielles, France for a night. We cannot wait to show them a bit of our Geneva lives.

Aside from preparing for my parents visit, we have both been simply plugging along and still adjusting to living abroad. I am slowly making friends and contacts and may even join a tennis team! Jignesh is busy, as always, at work. We are looking forward to summer when the days are longer and we can take advantage of the beautiful lake just minutes from our front door. We also hope to pack the summer with tons of travel! So, Happy April Fools Day and enjoy the Spring!

Au Revoir.

PS. The above pic is of some of the hundreds of swans that call Lac Leman home.


peter said...

awesome picture! glad to hear things seem like they are going well for you guys over there.

Lynne said...

Hi Guys! Thanks for the update. Hope the visit with your parents is going well...will email you soon. Thanks for the nice birthday email, Kat, I've been meaning to write but times seems to have slipped away.

HAPPY SPRING to you, too!