Friday, April 16, 2010

Mama and Papa Osz Visit Switzerland (and Italy)

My parents are currently in town for a little over two weeks. Since their arrival, we have been going non-stop. Just a day after landing we packed into our small car and headed for Italy. With a quick stop in Milan to pick up Jignesh (who was there for work), we continued to Tuscany. Our first day was spent in Florence where we stayed at a small hotel set back in a stunning neighborhood full of old Italian villas. Since Jignesh and I were there about this time a year ago, we were able to act as tourguides and show my parents the sights. One our second day, we decided to leave the big city behind and head to the coutryside. Siena and San Gimignano are two towns that should be on everyone's list when visiting the area. They are both quaint little villages full of scenic alleys and quiet, undiscovered little spots. Yes, there are musuems and churches to visit but we just strolled and strolled (usually with Gelato in hand). Oh, I do have to mention Jignesh's wild goose chase for a computer power cord. Finding a computer power cord in small italian village on a Saturday afternoon is not easy but 8 hours and $120.00 later, we were successful! Day two in the countryside found us in the walled city of Lucca. Despite the dreary weather, we were troopers and enjoyed a walk on the wall and lunch at a casual pizza joint. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped in Pisa where dad took about 1,000 pictures of the Leaning Tower and then needed some V8 juice after climbing to the top.

From Tuscany, our road trip took us to Cinque Terre. Set on the mediterrian, Cinque Terre is a collection of 5 tiny villages connected by a 7 mile cliff hike. The only word that I can use to describe the area is stunning. The scenery is undescribable and villages are full of character. While Jignesh bailed on the hike after village #3, my parents and I trekked all the way to the end and were rewarded with an almost empty trail and unspoiled views. What a perfect way to end our Italian getaway. Stay tooned for more details of my parents trip to Switzerland including a hike up the Saleve.

Au Revoir

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