Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gone as Fast as they Came!

My parents, that is! Although they were here for a little over two weeks, it seemed like they were only here for a few days. I am not sure if it is because we had such a great time or if it is because we stayed incredibly busy the whole fortnight. Regardless, it was hard to say goodbye (ok, maybe not so hard for them as the are now in Alicante, Spain sailing with good friends!). After our trip to Italy we stayed in Geneva for a few days and visited the picturesque town of Annecy, France and gave our legs a test hiking the very steep trail of the Saleve (a mountain just 15 minutes away with great views of the Swiss/France countryside). It did not, however, take us long to hit the road again. This time we headed to Interlaken. A small mountain town meaning between two lakes, Interlaken is true paradise for hikers, cyclists, skiiers, and adventures seekers. On our first day we discovered the village of Wilderswil (pictured above) and fell in love with the old, wooden chalets and a small hotel set against a babbling brook. On our second day we had planned to take a train up the mountain and hike down. However, our plans were altered with heavy snow. So, despite Mom's hurting legs from our hike up the Saleve, we hiked a trail in the valley and found ourselves ascending a tough trail once again. At least we had plenty of amazing views to use as excuses for rest breaks. After returning from Interlaken, we FINALLY had a rest day where we relaxed and did absolutely nothing (ok, we did stuff ourselves with chesse fondue)! However, with only days before my parents departure (despite the volcano), we spent each day researching and then exploring nearby towns in the French and Swiss coutryside (including Rolle and Nyon). Despite the volcano (no, we could not see ashes in the sky), my parents got lucky and their flight to Madrid left as scheduled (well, a few hours late but were not complaining). It was definitely hard to bid them farewell and the flat now feels quite empty. I guess we will just have to make plans for our next visitors. Any takers?

Au Revoir.

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