Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day out and About...and our New Flatmate

Last week, I ventured out with two new friends! Tracy (the wife of one of Jiggy's co-workers), Barack (the 11 week old son of Tracy...he is SOOOO cute), and I met for coffee and a stroll through London. Tracy has lived in London on and off for many years so she knows the city well. We met at Covenant Garden tube station and I was able to see an area of London that I had not yet seen! We strolled around Tralfager Square and the theater district. We even briefly poked our heads into the National Gallery! The place is huge and has some amazing art. There certaintly is no lack of museums in London and they are all free! I might check one out one later this week. It was great to get out and see some different parts of London.

Ok, so now on to our new flatmate. As Jiggy and I were sitting down to dinner on Friday night, I spotted something a little unusual near the ceiling of our conservatory. What could it be? Upon further investigation, we discovered it was a snail! We have no idea how he got into the the flat or how he got so high. He is quite the adventurous little bloke. After careful cosideration, we named him Budgens. Sadly, we decided he would be happier in the garden than in the house and so we sent him on his merry way. Goodbye Budgens...have a nice life and don't forget to write.



Lynne said...

Hi Guys! Kat, it's great you had someone to venture out and around London with - hopefully you can continue doing that. It really makes a difference going out with someone who knows about the city and can give you some background information and some of the little tidbits that you would not otherwise get.

It's a good thing you got rid of Budgens, otherwise Schlopy would have taken care of him when he arrived - and that would not have been pleasant for either one of them, or you and Jiggy!!

Looking forward to your next blog!


peter said...

That reminds me of something I had for dinner the other day... Budgens that is, not Barack.