Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things are Finally Coming Together

A lot has happened this week and I am starting to feel like things are coming together. The first and most exciting news is that Jignesh will be finished with his Rotterdam project tomorrow! Because Jignesh has been in Rotterdam since the day he arrived in London, it has been tough for us to adjust to life abroad. I know that Jignesh will continue to work long hours in the London office but it will be nice to see him every evening and be able to relax and explore a little more on the weekends. I think we might have to visit a pub (or two) this weekend to celebrate.

Another big event that occured this week is the installation of blinds in our flat! I know that this seems like a very small thing but for me blinds are huge! This means that the street lights will no longer keep me up at night and the sun will no longer wake me at 5:30am. Also, pedestrians can no longer watch us drooling in our sleep and walk by while loudly proclaiming "Wow. That is quite strange. There are people sleeping down there!"

As the blinds were being installed yesterday, I also found out that our sea shipment will be delivered on Monday! Up to now, we have been using rented furniture, dishes, etc. While the rental package is actually decent, it is not ours. We have held off buying anything and decorating until we got our shipment and took an solid inventory of exactly what we have and what we need. Next week our flat will finally start to become a home. Ummm...I guess I will HAVE to go shopping.

The final item is that on August 3rd, the entire Shroff Family will be together! Yes, Schlopy has a ticket to London! I am smiling to myself right now just thinking about it. For those of you who have pets, you know how I feel. Jignesh is returning to the states for a conference and is going to bring Schlopy back with him (assuming all goes well with the endless rules and documents required by customs). Mom and Dad...thanks for being incredible surrogate parents. I am sure Schlopy will miss his swim lessons, boat rides, and long walks. Schlopy...August 3rd is officially dedicated to you. We will go for a long walk in the Heath and give you all the treats your stomach can handle.

I know that there are still a lot of obstacles that need to be crossed (internet, meeting people, finding a job for Kat, etc) and the there are going to be lots of future frustrations but I am excited about the upcoming weeks. I almost feel like we are starting ANOTHER new adventure.



Lynne said...

Wow! Privacy AND your own things -- sounds like you are moving in (again). So glad to hear Jiggy is finally going to be back in London. I bet it has been hard being in a new country on your own so much -- definitely worth celebrating together at a pub!!! As a pet lover, I know exactly how excited you must be over Schlopy finally being able to join you. He's going to be one lucky little guy when he gets there, I'm sure. Hooray!! Who knows, walking him at the Heath may afford you the opportunity to meet other people -- and they will be pet lovers too!

Glad to hear exciting things are happening for you. Know that we are thinking about you guys often and are sure everything will start coming together soon.


peter said...

Pictures! I won't believe any of this unless I see both of you guys standing in front of a London landmark.

Until then, I'm assuming you guys are hiding in some witness protection program in Montana.

Craig Beery said...

I go with the witness protection program thing too! Had dinner with Ed and Love Bug last night and the Fonsecas in Encinitas. Your mom and dad looked just like they live here! Nice to see them and they gave me the blog site. Great! Keep Giggy away from those pizzas so Schlopy can have some when he gets home with Mom and Dad in England.
Best regards

Eyal said...

I do have a pet and do NOT know how you feel. I'm thinking of moving to London so that we can put Mojo in quarantine for a few months. If your Dad is going to miss having Schlopy around, I can let him borrow/have Mojo. Mojo won't even mind if he starts calling him Schlopy.

Curly said...


great to talk to you the other day. thanks for the call.

i am moving to the jungle and am very excited about it

Anonymous said...


Does Mojo swim. If he is going to visit my parents, he either has to be able to swim or be open to swim lessons! Just ask Schlopy.