Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Lazy Saturday and the Week in Review

Today, I am enjoying a lazy Saturday by myself. I am currently sitting at Starbuck's sipping a coffee (Yes, I have developed a small taste for coffee) and catching up on email, looking for jobs, etc. Jignesh left at the break of dawn yesterday for a 10 day trip to the states. While I hate being away him, this trip marks the end of all his travels for a while (at least I hope). Jignesh's trip is quite a whirlwind as it will start with a visit to Charlotte to see his Mom and sister and then proceed to Orlando for a conference. After the conference, he will head to Knoxville to visit my parents and to collect our "son." The trip will finally end with a long drive from Knoxvill to Cleveland where father and son will board a flight to London next Sunday!

I will be extremely relieved when I see Jignesh and Schlopy walk through the Gatwick airport (I think that is a future photo op). The whole process of getting Schlopy here as been long, confusing, and frustrating. I just hope all the paperwork is completed correctly and all goes well with customs. I have had nightmares about some mean customs agent who got out of the wrong side of the bed and sends Schlopy to quarantine. My parents deserve a ton of credit as they have been incredible about helping with the process... or maybe they are just anxious to get rid of Schlopy!

This week past week was a rather quiet one. I am trying to break out of my shell and meet people on my own. On Tuesday, I attended a meeting of the American Women's Club in London. I am not sure if a women's club (I will let you determine why) is my thing but I know I should give it another chance. On Wednesday, I met up with a runing group and then joined them for a pint at a pub....this is more my style. Throughtout the week, I have been slowly unpacking our sea shipment (surprisingly everything arrived intact!) and attempting to find creative ways to organize and store our belongings. We still need to buy quite a few pieces of furniture (dressers, dining table, etc) but it is nice to have our stuff.

Oh, I did see Buckingham Palace and the beautiful St. James Park for the first time...I am saving the tour for when we have visitors (HINT, HINT, HINT). The Queen was hosting a garden party so there were quite a few people strolling around in dresses and suits. Some of the women were wearing very interesting hats and I even saw a few men with thick gold necklaces/medallions around their necks...I later learned that these medallions probably indicate a level of knighthood. Umm...I wonder I could score an invite to the next garden party?

Ok, I am off to Tesco, the local grocery, store to find some goodies for dinner.


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Lynne said...

It's really going to happen. Schlopy is only days away from being with his mom and dad - how exciting! Sounds like Jiggy and Schlopy walking through Gatwick will be a terrific photo op.

What,exactly,is the American Woman's Club? It sort of sounds very organized - do they have a good variety of interests? The running group does sound like your "cup of tea" (couldn't resist!)

Glad to hear Jiggy will soon be home and not traveling so much. It will be easier to finish making your flat a home when you both are able to organize your things. I know you will succeed with the creativity!

Keep the blogs coming ~LB