Thursday, July 31, 2008

Days Like This

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a huge fan of public transportation. However, when it is pouring buckets and I am carrying a gym bag, iron, ironing board, and two other bags filled with various additional items (at least I am going to have a clean toilet tonight), a bus packed with other wet, cranky passengers is just not my idea of fun. It is days like these that I miss the covnience of a car and garage!



peter said...

Looks like you should have stayed in and ordered a pizza that day.

Stephanie said...

Kathryn! I am so excited I found this link. I was on Kyla's facebook page and saw this and decided to check it out. It sounds like you and Jiggy are having a blast in England! I am so excited for both of you. Dave and I have talked about going overseas for work but neither one of us have enough gutts to pull it off!! :-) My parents were able to spend some time with your dog last weekend and said he is very cute. They loved spending time with your parents at their beautiful home! I hope to hear that your dog and Jiggy make it safely back to England!

Stephanie (Ball) Strano

Lynne said...

This post brought me a smile and a chuckle (sorry)as I have this visual of you struggling and tripping over the ironing board, loaded down with bags, trying to board the bus! And how in the world did you have room to sit down and have room for the ironing board? Glad you made it through the experience -- and to think, the highlight was a clean toilet! These are definitely the stories and memories that will define this experience for you guys.

I am posting this on Monday, Aug.4, and hope that it finds you and Jiggy back together, as well as son Schlopy!